C&V Consulting enhances its role as a valuable solution provider in the EDF community

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C&V Consulting is proud to be part of 3 projects awarded by the European Defence Fund (EDF) 2022, either as a participating entity or as consortium support.

These projects will focus on Cyber Resilience, Information Superiority and Underwater Warfare.

Starting with the pioneering EDIDP programme, C&V Consulting has been involved in the EDF since its first edition in 2021:
– 14 proposals in direct support of the project coordinator
– 3 projects as partner or subcontractor in the 2021 EDF call

As part of the 2022 EDF projects, we will provide disruptive approaches to issues such as ethics, dissemination and information security.

The EDF aims to support defence research and development activities and the joint acquisition of defence equipment and technology at the European level.

We are proud to be working with such outstanding teams who are determined to work together to build a strong and resilient EU defence industry.


C&V Consulting supports companies in their sustainable and ethical development strategy in the EU and NATO defence markets. Find out more about our activities: www.cnv-consulting.eu and on Linkedin.