Romain de CALBIAC – project officer


Romain de Calbiac has been helping companies secure and expand their operations in Europe and overseas, in dangerous areas, for the past five years. He adds his expertise of project management, acquired both in the field of consulting, supporting defence and security industry related programmes, and in the field of public sector, working with the armed forces.

Knowledge of the EU’s Defence Technological and Industrial Base (EDTIB):

  • Support to Brussels-oriented lobbying campaign and advocacy programmes;
  • Direct cooperation with industry representatives (ASD, ECSO, GICAT, GIFAS, etc.);
  • Associate teacher and academic writer on EDTIB and public-private partnerships in the field of defence and security.

Project set up, coordination & management:

  • “tailor made” support and assistance to strategic, commercial and marketing campaigns in the field of defence and security;
  • practise of business and geopolitical intelligence (market strategies, risk analysis, due diligence & compliance, etc.);
  • handling all stages and functions of project management practises (analytical support, identification and vetting of partners, strategic coordination, day-to-day management and reporting, etc.).