C&V Consulting

Think further. Act ethics.

C&V Consulting supports companies with their sustainable and ethical development strategy in EU and NATO defence markets.

Located in the heart of the European district in Brussels, we position ourselves at the forefront of international defence doctrine and regulations, focusing on responsible and sustainable innovation projects.

Whether your activities are already established in the defence markets or you consider an entry strategy, C&V Consulting stands by your side to build tomorrow’s defence!

Our services

Vision and strategic plan

We help you design five-year development and growth strategies.

As specialists in defence, innovation and European affairs, our consultants support you in the development and implementation of cutting-edge and differentiating development strategies.

Whether you consider a defence market entry strategy (EU/NATO) or the development of your activities at international level, our consultants stand by your side throughout your project:

  • designing of a positioning audit
  • development of a business plan
  • drafting of a roadmap and a five-year action plan
  • implementation of a lobbying and communication strategy

Competitiveness of offers

We help you design your offers and seize opportunities for contracts, subsidies or synergies at the European level.

C&V Consulting brings its consultant’s expertise to integrate the key success factors and seize the opportunities that will accelerate the development of your projects.

We carry out field-oriented actions and key factors for a fast return on investment:

  • identification of key partners and contact people with converging, compatible or conflicting interests
  • development and support for the coordination of technically and economically coherent consortia
  • drafting proposals in line with the expectations of our clients clients
  • composition of an ethics board and involvement of end-users as your project partner
  • mediation actions

Economic intelligence and anticipation

We scan and anticipate political decisions, investment orientations, and regulatory developments likely to influence your activities.

In a changing environment where multiple stakeholders are involved, the strategic, technical and regulatory monitoring carried out by C&V Consulting helps to understand the main political orientations and aims to:

  • identify as soon as possible the players, draft decisions and trends likely to constitute opportunities or to affect the activity, the interests or the business plan of your company;
  • monitor and analyze the governmental and parliamentary work of the European institutions and civil society (NGOs, Think Tanks, private groups) in Brussels.

Lobbying and communications

We organize tailor-made and targeted lobbying and communication actions.

To maximize the chances of success of our clients’ projects or to assist decision-making, C&V Consulting conducts lobbying actions alongside them or on their behalf.

C&V Consulting’s actions contribute to:

  • positively influence decision-making processes towards decision-makers (civilian and military, national and European)
  • organize meetings with key players

Wishing to develop our clients’ ability to influence, we promote their activities towards their public and the press through high value-added communication actions.

Ethics: our commitment

At C&V Consulting, we strongly believe that the ability of States to carry out actions driven by principles of responsibility is crucial for the outcome of military operations.

We consider the commitment to ethics as a source of opportunity and a guarantee of sustainability for your projects.

  • the integration of end-users is a guarantee of success and sustainability for innovation projects
  • ethics-related topics are developing in defence markets and will soon be essential for claiming public funding
  • ethical commitment is both a key positioning factor for your company and a lever for your future activities

Our team

The complementary profiles of our experts enable us to understand all the components of the defence ecosystem at the European level, whether operational, industrial, technological, regulatory, economic or diplomatic. This vision provides C&V Consulting the ability to offer cutting-edge, tailor-made and resolutely differentiating solutions.

The co-founders

Jean-Marc Vesco

Co-Founder - Chief Executive Officer

As a former French Army colonel, Jean-Marc has a solid experience in managing large operational structures. The international dimension of his career (NATO/EU) gives him great mastery of the challenges of defence markets, particularly in the field of innovation.

IHEDN auditor, he graduated from the Saint-Cyr Military Academy and from Sup’Aéro as an engineer in aeronautics and space.

Benoît Chaucheprat

Co-Founder - Chairman of the Strategic Board

Benoît has been practicing European Public Affairs for 20 years. He provides his clients with a large “Brussels” network as well as a tailor-made decoding of the EU arena practices and policies.

His broad commitment within the EU’s Military Capabilities Policy gives him  proven abilities to monitor, lobbying and contribute to access to EU funding, in the fields of security and defence in particular.

Our consultants

Specialised in defence and security, our team of consultants provides personalised support to our clients through economic intelligence, project development, communication or representation of their interests with the European institutions and NATO.

Our associate experts

We work with the best European experts who provide us with independent support in analysing ethical issues in the defence markets.

They trust us