C&V Consulting assists clients in defining their development and lobbying strategy based on the priorities identified with them to:

  • Elaborate the roadmap and action plan for development and  lobbying
  • Identify stakeholders and partners with convergent, compatible or conflicting interests
  • Build up operational communication arguments for decision-makers or influence intermediaries


The strategic, technical and regulatory conducted by C&V Consulting aims to:

  • Identify as soon as possible the players, decision-making plans and trends that may positively or negatively affect a company’s business, interests or business plan.
  • Monitor and analyse the work of the government and parliamentarians of the European institutions in Brussels.
  • Provide customers with real-time alerts and maturing reports



In order to increase the likelihood of success of its clients’ projects or to guide decisions in a way that is in line with their interests, C&V Consulting conducts lobbying activities in support to them or on their behalf.

Among other things, the actions of C&V consulting contribute to : 

  • Positively infuence decision-making processes
  • Organize meetings with influence intermediaries
  • Promote the image of a company or CEO and help it develop its network.


C&V Consulting provides their clients lessons learned to integrate key success factors and apply best practices for : 

  • Build a technically and economically cohérent consortia;;
  • Deliver performance in line with operational customer expectations  (Functional Analysis);
  • To write the corpus of documents in accordance withe the expectations and rules of the EU and NATO.