Position paper on EDIRPA

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Since July 2022, the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament are engaged into negotiations concerning the EDIRPA instrument.

The adoption of EDRIPA constitutes a potential game changer for the EDITB.

EDIRPA aims at supporting Member States’ priorities in the short-term by incentivising them to acquire defence products and replenish stocks jointly.

In the longer term, EDIRPA also forms a pilot project for a similar, yet more ambitious initiative: EDIP, aimed at strengthening and consolidating the EDTIB: https://lnkd.in/gswrP32k

Given the potential of EDIRPA (and EDIP, in the future), C&V Consulting is contributing to the ongoing policy debate by putting forward recommendations.

Among other things, it seems crucial that the final version of the EDIRPA instrument:

  • supports the delivery of European-designed and produced capabilities addressing the most urgent military needs
  • channels and concentrate EDIRPA’s budget towards a few impactful projects
  • promotes the ramp-up of manufacturing capacities and fosters cross-border cooperation across the Union.

You can contact C&V Consulting at the following for more information and policy recommendations on the topic: contact@cnv-consulting.eu