C&V Consulting invites you to its Eurosatory panel on 20 June 2024

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Entitled ‘Ethics in the defence industry: from moral duties to strategic responsibilities’, our panel will explore the challenges and opportunities of promoting ethics in the European defence industry. In particular, it will focus on the integration of ethics-by-design principles into the development process of weapon systems. Emphasis is expected to be placed on the involvement of end-users in R&D processes to enable ethical compliance of military equipment throughout its life cycle.

This panel will be the first and only one to address the issue of ethics in the defence industry, an issue that lies at the heart of C&V Consulting’s DNA. Since our inception, we have maintained that a commitment to ethics is a source of opportunity and a guarantee of sustainability for defence projects.

The International Defence and Security Exhibition is a unique opportunity for manufacturers and start-ups, as well as public and private players in the defence and security markets from around the world to meet and exchange the latest developments and policies.


The speakers 

Our co-founder Jean-Marc Vesco will moderate a debate among very high level speakers. 

Inge Ceuppens works at the European Commission’s DG DEFIS. As project manager, she select and manage European Defence Fund projects, mainly in the naval sector and disruptive technologies. She has been involved in EU funded research in the defence sector since 2011, when she joined the European Defence Agency to participate to the creation of the Preparatory Action on Defence Research.

Eve Gani is the Director of Business Development and Institutional Relations for Sopra Steria Group, a leader in the digital transformation of the armed forces and the Defence industry. She has a cross-functional mandate relating to cyber defence, and specially AI. 

Fernando Gràvalos is responsible for EU and NATO defence programmes at Sener Aerospace & Defence in Brussels. He coordinated the submission of two EDF21 project proposal (COMMANDS and EU HYDEF). He is a former Spanish air force fighter pilot, with experience in the Spanish Ministry of Defence as a defence analyst, working on armaments procurement processes and programmes, particularly European defence programmes. 

John Thomas, a 30 years Royal Air Force (UK) servant, is now president of the International Society for Military Ethics in Europe (Euro-ISME). His main interests in military ethics are the impact of good leadership on ethical behaviour and ethical decision-making at the strategic level.


About C&V Consulting

C&V Consulting is a Brussels-based company which supports companies wishing to pursue an ethical development and growth strategy in international (EU/NATO) defence markets.

Backed by broad sector expertise, we position ourselves at the forefront of European defence doctrine and regulations, focusing on innovation projects.

The various profiles of our consultants and experts lead us to understand all the components of the defence ecosystem at the European and NATO level, whether industrial, operational, technological, regulatory, economic, or diplomatic. This vision gives C&V Consulting the ability to offer cutting-edge, tailor-made, and genuinely differentiating solutions.


Find out more about our panel: https://www.eurosatory.com/en/conferences-keynotes/