Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) ASAP proposal has been selected by the European Commission

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The Missile Increased Production Capacity (MIPC) project is one of the 31 projects selected by the European Commission, from among 82 proposals submitted.

C&V Consulting is proud of having supported its client KONGSBERG in answering the Act in Support of Ammunition Production (ASAP) Call for Proposals on Missile production ramp-up in 2023. This selection, in this unique call for proposals, confirms the expertise of C&V Consulting in the implementation of sustainable and ethical development strategies in the EU defence markets.


Increasing production, reducing waiting time

The Missile Increased Production Capacity (MIPC) project will significantly increase the production capacity of KONGSBERG missiles that count among the most modern available on the market and feature some very important and unique capabilities, tailored for modern warfare.

Through this project and thanks to ASAP, KONGSBERG will significantly increase its production capacity and therefore will reduce the lead time for delivery of these missiles.


Contributing to Europe’s defence and deterrence

In the context of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, these types of missiles can have a crucial contribution to Europe’s conventional defence and deterrence posture.

The demand for these missiles is very high and continues to grow. That is why, with the support of ASAP, KONGSBERG has decided to invest in a large-scale ramp-up of production capacities.


About C&V Consulting

C&V Consulting is the only Brussels-based consultancy specializing in the European defence markets. Our consultants help our European clients to seize opportunities for contracts, grants or synergies at the European level, including helping them to develop innovative proposals both in line with their clients’ needs and their business strategy.

C&V Consulting is involved in multiple projects selected by the European Commission either as a partner or in support of project coordinators.